Finding The Best Beachfront Villa Bali – All Possible Places To Pick

Deciding the best place to stay during vacation can be a bit of a hassle. Other than many considerations, sometimes the prime situation is deciding the best place for the accommodation. In Bali particularly, you have almost endless iconic places and the most famous one is the beach. Among the options, beachfront villa Bali is your pick. But where?

Best Places You Got To Consider

1. Seminyak Beach

If you visit Bali, one of the famous destinations is Seminyak Beach. It is a well-known location that mostly highlights the beach shopping areas and affordable villas. As it flaunts the capability of shopping districts, you can also get some fantastic sunset and beach views around the aesthetic lodges.

2. Kuta Beach

If you are looking for energetic and fun nightlife, Kuta should be your main pick. It is also very close to the downtown area, making it a favorite place for people enjoying the white sand beach. During the day, Kuta lives for its beach allure. At night, the beach is still alive with entertainment. While the accommodation can varies from affordable to high-end ones.

3. Sanur Beach

Sanur beachfront villa Bali is a bit far from the downtown. The beach itself is located on the southeastern coastline with its 8 km beach. As it is far from the hype, Sanur and its surrounding is known for their cultural and local aesthetic. Many people come to enjoy the white beach, and historical sites, or stay in the less crowded spot.

4. Legian Beach

Set between two famous beaches Kuta and Seminyak, you can expect similar charms in Legian Beach. However, Legian embraces the two beaches’ charm and make them rich tourist-friendly area. You got a museum, waterpark, markets, and the beach itself as the destinations. This is also a place that comes with great deals on villas for a family at reasonable prices.

5. Uluwatu

Uluwatu might not be the area that fully flaunts its beaches. But surely, these high ground areas do have some charms and pristine ocean to explore. Renting a beachfront villa in Bali come with unique options. You got a place that is far from downtown, distinctive pristine beaches, a clifftop scene, and cool scenery at sunset.

Some places and beaches have some unique aspects to offer. It can vary from the surrounding areas to the beautiful factor they have. Among the list, Uluwatu is the unique pick. You can get the distinctive beauty and serene place to stay by staying in The Surga Villa estate. It is one of Uluwatu’s best accommodations for holidays or special events.


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